A Jolly Irish Christmas

New Christmas Album from Rend Collective


It has been six years since we released Campfire Christmas, with the promise that it would be Volume 1 of many. Every year since we have wondered if this was the year to release Volume 2 but it always somehow didn’t happen. Finally, at the start 2020 we thought it was time to dust off our sleigh bells and dive in for another adventure in the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Normally we tour all year long and always take December off. It’s become our Sabbath from what is normally a very, very busy year. But with no tours this year and a little extra time to be at home with our families, we decided it was time!

Let’s be honest, there are a LOT of Christmas albums out there, but not so many with the joy and festivity that Irish music brings. We wanted to do something very unique and create an album that would transport people straight into a small tree-lit village in Ireland.

‘Today Is The Saviour’s Day’ is an original song we wrote reminding this fractured world that peace and unity was at the start of Jesus’ mission to earth. Even the angels sang “Peace on earth and goodwill to man”. This is a holiday that is holy— its not just about presents and weird creepy men dressed up in red pretending to be the “real” Santa. Christmas Day is the day that our Saviour transcended time and space, in human form, so he could rescue all of mankind from their lost ways. We pray this song brings about reconciliation in families divided by politics, opinions or mistakes. “Let bygones be bygones and healing begin cos today is the Saviour’s Day.” What a message! One we should sing on the mountains and shout in the valleys.

Working on A Jolly Irish Christmas (Vol. 2) has been a bright spot in the midst of an uncertain and dark year. A daily reminder of the goodness of God and His love for the world. We hope this album brings a little cheer to your Christmas season— no matter where you find yourself, or who you’re celebrating with.

- Rend Collective



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