July 25, 2017

Ep: 13 - Elias Dummer

(The City Harmonic)

Elias Dummer is a founding member of The City Harmonic. Born out of a church unity movement in the blue-collar steel town of Hamilton, Ontario, the band formed in 2009 after leading worship for inter-denominational student events.   After eight years of ministry, the band recently released their final album, Benediction Live. The album celebrates the songs and unifying worship movement that became a soundtrack for worshippers around the globe. Connect with Worship Together:  Twitter: @worshiptogether  Facebook: facebook.com/worshiptogether Instagram: @worshiptogether    Hosted by: Jimi Williams David Gutekunst Jessica Sweet Production and Editing by Form & Function –– formandfunctionmedia.com  Worship Together is the number one resource for Worship Leaders. Find free resources and videos at worshiptogether.com

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