We The Kingdom Setlist

A set list from We The Kingdom


"Our goal is to always curate a set of songs that honor the Word of God and the Holy Spirit while also covering the full gamut of human emotion. We love to choose songs that are vulnerable and honest and that might even talk about some really dark/heavy stuff, because we believe that it’s only in recognizing the extent of our brokenness that we can begin to comprehend the magnitude of the Cross, which in turn leads to songs of high praise that glorify a loving and almighty Father who welcomes us no matter how filthy we might be. There’s a temptation to sometimes view church as a country club where we need to show up in our Sunday best both on the outside and inside, but if we can recognize that church should be more of a hospital where the broken, abused, bloody, and bruised can arrive tattered and torn and know that they’ll be welcomed with WIDE open arms, no matter what their state, we believe that the worship of our great God will be all the more beautiful and honest." - We The Kingdom