August 16, 2018

Ep: 56 - Eddie DeGarmo

(DeGarmo & Key, DC Talk, Music Business)

Eddie DeGarmo is a Gospel Music Hall of Fame recording artist, music executive, and author. He started his career as one of the frontmen for the CCM pioneering band, DeGarmo & Key. In 1987, he co-founded Forefront records, the label responsible for releasing DCTalk, Skillet, Rebecca St. James, Audio Adrenaline and dozens of others.  Eddie’s new book, Rebel For God, is available now. Connect with Worship Together:  Twitter: @worshiptogether  Facebook: Instagram: @worshiptogether  Hosted by: Jimi Williams  Jessica Sweet  Hunter Sims Production and Editing by Form & Function ––  Worship Together is the number one resource for Worship Leaders. Find free resources and videos at

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