October 16, 2018

Ep: 60 - Tom Eccleshall

(Worship Pastor, KXC)

Tom Eccleshall is a worship pastor and songwriter at King's Cross Church in London, England. Led by Pete Hughes (brother of Tim Hughes) KXC is a church seeking to serve God's purpose to make all things new. The music KXC has produced is a soundtrack to the story of the church. KXC’s first full live album 'All Things New' is available now. This episode is brought to you by Planning Center. Connect with Worship Together:  Twitter: @worshiptogether  Facebook: facebook.com/worshiptogether Instagram: @worshiptogether  Hosted by: Jimi Williams  Jessica Sweet  Hunter Sims Terryl Padilla Production and Editing by Form & Function –– formandfunctionmedia.com  Worship Together is the number one resource for Worship Leaders. Find free resources and videos at worshiptogether.com

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