December 11, 2018

Ep: 64 - Jonathan Sheehan

(Global Brand Curator for Passion)

This week you’re going to hear from the Global Brand Curator for Passion, Jonathan Sheehan. In his role, Jonathan oversees Passion Conferences plus assists with the touring and marketing efforts for Passion Music and a lot more. We talked about he's learned in his role and what a Powerbook on the hood of a car taught him about paying close attention to what he's doing! It's a memorable story that we think you'll enjoy. This episode is brought to you by Planning Center. Connect with Worship Together:  Twitter: @worshiptogether  Facebook: Instagram: @worshiptogether  Hosted by: Jimi Williams  David Gutekunst Jessica Sweet  Production and Editing by Form & Function ––  Worship Together is the number one resource for Worship Leaders. Find free resources and videos at

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