February 26, 2019

Ep: 69 - Melodie Malone


Melodie Malone grew up in Franklin, TN and moved to Atlanta in 2009, which was right as Passion City Church was getting started. Having had a powerful experience through the Passion Conference as a college student, she decided to get involved in Passion City Church from the beginning. Melodie met Kristian Stanfill and Brett Younker at Passion City Church and they got to know each other through serving on the worship team. Over the years, she continued to develop as a powerful worship leader, eventually becoming a staple at the church and an official member and leader of the band. This episode is brought to you by Planning Center. Connect with Worship Together:  Twitter: @worshiptogether  Facebook: facebook.com/worshiptogether Instagram: @worshiptogether  Hosted by: Jimi Williams  David Gutekunst Jessica Marion  Hunter Sims Production and Editing by Form & Function –– formandfunctionmedia.com  Worship Together is the number one resource for Worship Leaders. Find free resources and videos at worshiptogether.com

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