Come To The Water

Chris Tomlin, Martin Smith

Verse 1
There's a war going on just across the street
There's a rage that's burning to an angry beat
I can feel the thirst but there's no relief
We need a river
There's a sound in the distance like a thunder cloud
We're waiting for the rain while the sun beats down
Can you feel it rising from the underground
We need a river
Oh let justice roll like rivers
Oh let mercy flow with love love
Come to the water
Come to the water of life
It will never run dry
Come to the water
Run to the water of life
It will never run dry
Verse 2
There's a cry from the child in the factory
There's a prayer for the prisoners of poverty
Save us from the greed and the apathy
We need a river
There's a hope like a flood running down our street
We're an army of peacemakers on our feet
Take us to the place love and mercy meet
There is a river

Andy Park, Chris Tomlin, Darlene Zschech, Graham Kendrick, Israel Houghton, Martin Smith, Matt Redman, Michael W. Smith, Paul Baloche, Steven Curtis Chapman, Stuart Garrard, Tim Hughes


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Scripture Reference:

John 4:14