Crazy Beautiful

Verse 1
Everybody’s been there everyone’s the same
but mostly we don’t care isn’t that a shame
We bring us down face after face
the inside is beautiful
but the outside we want to change
We want to change
Whoa you’re oh so beautiful
you don’t need anyone’s approval
You’ve got to believe in your self you know you are
You’re crazy beautiful
Verse 2
Well every new year you say your gonna change
From the way you live to how much you weigh
we don’t want to change
(Repeat Chorus)
Take a look it’s all around you
See the world from different views
The way you shine from the inside
I know with out a doubt
It’s more than what you’ll be
In the world’s eyes

Chasen Callahan


Grace & Mercy



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Scripture Reference:

2 Corinthians 5:17