Verse 1
Walking the beach 4. A.M.
Listening to the waves as
they crash upon the sand
It's just a Black Sea
The moonlight and me
It's sink or swim
I'm drowning within you
Somebody rescue me
'Cause I'm goin' against the stream
I fell in love with somebody like you
And I know yeah that you wanted me to
You told me who I was
But I don't want to
No, I don't want to
I don't want to
I don't wanna' drown
Verse 2
Thinking about these words
How do they fit and
how do they come together
What do they mean
Once again, I'm alone
And it's just me
(Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus)
Copyright 2007 Stonebook Music Company / Augusta Street Publishing (Admin at EMICMGPublishing.com). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Chasen Callahan



Scripture Reference:

Psalm 42:7-11