Enter In

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Verse 1
Come on, ev’ryone, the doors are open,
Come and enter in.
Come on, ev’rybody,nothing’s stopping you,
So come right in.
Let the faithful, let the faithless enter in.
Let the bells ring, let your heart sing, enter in.
Into the river of life,
Into the Spirit of hope,
Into the dwelling place of love,
Sweet love.
Come on, come on, come on,
Come on and enter in.
Come on, come on, come on,
Come on and enter in, enter in.
Verse 2
Come on, ev’ryone,
There’s no better
Time to enter in.
Come on, ev’rybody,
He's been waiting for you,
Enter in.
Let the hopeful,
Let the hopeless enter in.
Love is calling,
Walls are falling, enter in.
And we call on Your hammer
To break down the walls.
We call on Your mighty sword
To cut through the bonds.
We call on the Balm of Gilead
To heal the wounds and brokenness.
And we long for Your presence,
And we long for Your Spirit.
And we ask You to be with us,
Weep with us,
And come and dance among us.

Casey Mcginty




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Scripture Reference:

Romans 8:38, 39