God Is Coming

Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith, Martin Smith

Verse 1
In this moment here I am
All I have is in Your hands
You stole my heart so I will wait for You
Your fire of love is breaking through
The old has gone there's something new
You've won my heart so I will wait for You
For my God is coming
We can hear the heavens roar
Hold on get ready
For the glory of the Lord
Here You come
Running to find me
King of the universe
Yes, our God is the God who saves
Here You come
To light up the darkness
Forever glorious
Yes our God is the God who saves
Verse 2
In our world that's torn apart
Give us courage, give us heart
Only You can raise the dead to life
Take our voices, keep us strong
We'll shake the earth with Heaven's song
You alone can take what's wrong
And make it right
Repeat Pre-Chorus + Chorus
Great is the Lord
You are Lord
God is great

Martin Smith, Tim Hughes



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Scripture Reference:

Psalm 7:9-11