God Of Our Yesterdays

We praise You the God of our yesterdays
We praise You the God who is here today
We praise You our God
As tomorrow comes
Verse 1
When we were in the darkest night
And wondered if our eyes would ever see the light
You were there Lord
When we were in the stormy gale
And wondered if we'd ever live in peace again
You were there Lord
You were there in the struggle
You were there in the fight
You were there all the time
Verse 2
So whatever lies ahead
Whatever roads our grateful hearts
Will come to tread You'll be there Lord
And we will fix our eyes on You
And know that there is grace enough
To see us through You'll be there Lord
You'll be there in the struggle
You'll be there in the fight
You'll be there all the time
Chorus 2
We thank You for grace in our yesterdays
We thank You for peace in our hearts today
We thank You our joy
As tomorrow comes we will trust You God
You're always closer than we know
Always more involved and in control
We will trust our lives to You
The One who was and is and is to come

Matt Redman




ThankYou Music

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