Hear Our Prayers

Verse 1
Hear our cries Lord
Hear our prayers
Take our burdens calm our fears
Chorus 1
God will You make us a people that love You
Please take our off'rings that we set before You
God hear our prayers that we're lifting up to You
God see our tears
That we're struggling to see through
(God hear our prayers to You)
Verse 2
In our weakness
You remain
When we're broken You sustain
God hear our prayers
We lift them to You
God hear our prayers
Lord make our hearts true
Will You make our hearts true
Will You hear our prayers O Lord
Chorus 2
God hear our prayers
As we lift them to heaven
We're praying the angels receive and embrace them
The hopes of the empty
The cries of the broken
We're reaching our hands out
O Lord will You hold them

Ben Crist


Prayer & Renewal



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Scripture Reference:

Daniel 9:17