Hope Is Calling


Verse 1
What You said to the sun to make it rise
Must have been beautiful
The day You spoke to the dawn to wake the night
Woke my soul from its slumber
Verse 2
To dance at the promise of new light
Awakening miracles
To dance with the promise of new life
Inside of me here
There's a hope in the distance
And it's begging to be found
There's a love inside me
Reaching for it now
Yes, it's reaching for it now
Your love is strong
And it's chasing me
It's chasing me down
So, sing along
As it's making way
It's breaking through the clouds
I belong to the Maker
And Heaven is in my reach
Your love is strong
And I can feel it coming on
It's coming after me
Verse 3
Hearts beat to the rhythm of Your name
Awakening miracles
Heart beats are the rhythm of Your grace
Inside of me here
Hope is calling
This life is breaking through
The earth is shaking
As this life is breaking through
© 2012 Worship Together Music (BMI) (Admin. at EMICMGPublishing.com). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Sean Curran



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Scripture Reference:

Romans 12:12, 1 Corinthians 13:7