Jesus, Lord To Me

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Jesus Jesus Lord to me
Master Savior Prince of Peace
Ruler of my heart today
Jesus Lord to me
Verse 1
If I had seen the sunset
On the day that Jesus died
And felt the glow of the sunrise
When the tomb was opened wide
Would I have known You
Could I have seen that
You were more than just a man
You were Lord and King
But now I know You and I can see
That You are Lord of all
And You are Lord to me
Verse 2
If I had walked beside
As You touched and healed the blind
And heard You speak with power
If I had seen Your gentle smile
Would I have followed or turned away
Would I have listened to the things You had to say
But now I trust You
I hear You call
Now I follow I give You my all
Verse 3
If I had seen the manger
Where the tiny baby lay
And felt the power of that moment
When all heaven sang Your praise
Would I have knelt to worship
Or just passed along the way
Would I have loved You
The way I do today
But now You are my Savior
You're the King of kings
I will bow to worship You
And I will sing

Gary Mcspadden, Greg Nelson




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Scripture Reference:

John 20:29