Jesus We Look To Thee

Verse 1
Jesus, we look to Thee
Thy promised presence claim
Thou in the midst of us shall be
Assembled in Thy Name
Thy Name salvation is
Which here we come to prove
Thy Name is life, and health, and peace
And everlasting love
Verse 2
Not in the name of pride
Or selfishness we meet
From nature’s paths we turn aside
And worldly thoughts forget
We meet, the grace to take
Which Thou hast freely giv’n
We meet on earth for Thy dear sake
That we may meet in Heav’n
Verse 3
Present we know Thou art
But, O, Thyself reveal
Now, Lord, let ev’ry waiting heart
The mighty comfort feel
O may Thy quickening voice
The death of sin remove
And bid our inmost souls rejoice
In hope of perfect love

Chris Eaton, John Hartley




ThankYou Music



Scripture Reference:

Acts 4:12