Keep The Faith

Verse 1
I'm laying out all the pieces of my life
On the alter I'm Your sacrifice
Let Your fire fall
I'm waiting here
Come and take it all
This heart of fear
Verse 2
All I want is to do my Father's will
And be a vioce to a world
that's standing still
I must keep the faith
Not backing down
We must keep the faith
This is our time
We will overcome
When You are with us we are strong
And love will be our greatest song
We'll keep the faith and stand forever
Verse 3
If not us who will shout
Your song of praise
For every soul to be saved
in Jesus'name
So we must keep the faith
not backing down
We musit live the faith
This is our time
(Repeat Chorus)
We believe in God Almighty
We believe in You
We will trust in God Almighty
We will trust in You

Martin Smith, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes




ThankYou Music



Scripture Reference:

James 1:2-5