Let It Bring You Praise

Verse 1
Lord, You created me
Perfectly shaping me
I know my heart
Is safe in your arms
Lord, You know everything
So when I feel afraid
I put my faith in You
This life is Yours to give
So with each new day
Let every breathe that I take
Let it bring You praise
Bring You praise
For I am fearfully and wonderfully made
When You choose to take
Let it bring You praise
Reminding the world that heaven awaits
Let it bring You praise
Verse 2
Before I even speak
You know my every need
All that I am
Is because You are
You know my heart
You know my heart
Before I was born
You numbered my days
The story is yours
I'm just a page
With every word
I want to proclaim
Let my life proclaim

Jason Ingram, Matt Hammitt





Scripture Reference:

Psalm 139:14