Never Failing Love

Verse 1
If I sang the songs the angels sing
If I grasped the depths of everything
Though the mysteries of this world were mine
I’m nothing without love
Verse 2
I could give to every child in need,
I could save the planet from our greed
I could stand for justice till I bleed
And never know His love
Verse 3
Love is patient, love is kind
Not envious or boastful
Humble, pure and undefiled
Rejoicing in the truth
Verse 4
I could give my money to the poor
I could preach the gospel door to door
Even save a thousand souls or more
And still not know His love
Verse 5
Love is trusting, quick to mend
Protecting and forgiving
Persevering to the end
This love will never fail
Verse 6
When the finest words have passed away
And the best we have is yesterday
There is one thing that is here to stay
His never-failing love,
His never-failing love.

Mark Edwards, Stuart Townend





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Scripture Reference:

1 Cor. 13:3-5