Not Ashamed

Ben Cantelon

Verse 1
We're not ashamed of the One we love
There's a King of Love that takes away our shame
The cross of Christ is our victory
The Savior set us free, the Savior, He's alive
Oh no, we won't stay silent
We'll shout it from the rooftops, singing
We're not ashamed, we're not ashamed of You, Jesus
Verse 2
No turning back, now to live for You
And tell the world it's true - You're the one and only way
No backing down, let the streets resound
Sing it louder now for all the earth to hear
(Repeat Chorus)
Chorus 2
The time is now or never
To tell the world You're the only Savior
We're not ashamed, not ashamed of You, Jesus

Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert


Faith & Trust, Missions


ThankYou Music

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Scripture Reference:

Romans 1:16