O God Of Love

How good it is to be loved by You
How good it is
How good it is to be loved by You
How good it is
Verse 1
O God of love I come to You again
Knowing I'll find mercy
I can't explain all the things I see
But I'll trust in You
In every moment You are there
Watching over You hear my prayer
You go before me You're behind me
Nothing's hidden from You
Verse 2
O God of strength
Your hand is on my life
Bringing peace to me
You know my frame
You know how I am made
You planned all my days
Hand of mercy hand of love
Giving power to overcome
If all beneath me falls away
I know that You are God
Who can stand against us
In my weakness You are strong
Your Word is everlasting
I will praise You faithful One

Louise Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham




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Scripture Reference:

Romans 8:31, Psalm 139, Deuteronomy 31:8