Influence Music

Influence Music


Influence Music is a faith based record label and artist collective birthed out of
Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, California, comprised of artists Matt Gilman, Melody Noel, Michael Ketterer and Whitney Medina.

Rebels, the newest album being released by Influence Music on 7.19.19, is a departure from the typical worship sound and substance, taking a head-first dive into a melding of pop sensibilities and a raw, immersive exploration of the plight of the every-man in his or her pursuit of the Divine. Directed at those who feel left out, hurt or rejected by the church, this album communicates a heart of deconstructed worship through narrative, sung from a place of genuine encounter. This album “gives people permission to doubt”, says Jordan Sarmiento, Influence Music’s Music Director, “because we sing about how God is not afraid of our questioning, but welcomes it because he can answer us in that authentic place”. As Michael Barkulus, Influence Music’s Creative Director puts it, “Into the shadows we go,” speaking of the immersion the album takes into the uncharted territory recognizing the people and spaces left behind, from religion, and broken, from a fallen world, and what it looks like to carry the audacious love of Christ to them.

“Rebels”, the song, was chosen as the title-track because it comprehensively captures the vision of the lyric and sonic theme of the album. Ketterer shares his conviction for this project through this song by saying, “‘Rebels’ is special to me because I feel extremely connected to the message. It’s probably the truest thing to my personal story I’ve been a part of. I believe it will impact people and bring them back to that place of first love and ignite a fire of adventure back into their faith.” Clear from the beginning, the vein in which Rebels comes from, is deep within the heart of Influence Music and the calling they feel to create music to bring God glory — from every place in every season.

Influence Music is marked by the desperate desire to create a culture and language of worship for every person, both in and outside of the church, for the single purpose of bringing God glory. Rebels was created to give language to the silent cry of the hearts of humanity searching for and being challenged in their relationship with God. This collection of songs is curated to illustrate the rebellious nature of God’s love — so rebellious in fact, it would never stop in seeking out those in darkness.