Jonathan Traylor

Jonathan Traylor


Motown Gospel/Capitol CMG emerging artist Jonathan Traylor breathes new energy into the faith-based music scene with his major label debut, The Unknown. Beginning as a three-track release, The Unknown is an innovative playlist-styled album that will continuously be updated with new songs and video content over the course of the year.

Writing from a place of transparency and authenticity, Jonathan Traylor has been celebrated for music that is both compelling and relevant. Inspired by a personal season of blindfolded trust, The Unknown celebrates the constant faithfulness of God in the midst of uncertainty. Opening track “You Get the Glory” is a rousing worship song that serves as a heart cry of Traylor’s faith journey.

“For my generation, I feel like I’m meant to call people back to the cross and back to God,” he shares. “I really want to encourage and give hope. That’s my gift." - Jonathan Traylor

Listen to Jonathan Traylor's new I'm Here For You EP featuring songs like "The Table", "I'll Follow You" and more!